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Boston Bathroom Remodeling

Located in the charming town of Boston, Virginia, a remarkable bathroom renovation took place, resulting in a major transformation from a two-tiered floor layout to a stunning and functional master bathroom. The project involved removing the existing two-tiered floor and creating a single-tiered space that seamlessly incorporated a shower, toilet, a freestanding tub and a his and hers vanity. The renovation went down to the studs, allowing for a complete overhaul and the creation of a brand-new beautiful master bathroom.

For the vanity, Fabuwood Cabinetry's Galaxy Indigo was selected, adding a touch of sophistication and style to the space. The deep indigo color of the vanity created a striking focal point, adding depth and character to the master bathroom. Complementing the vanity, Emser Tile's Choice 12x24 in white was chosen for the wall tiles. This selection added a clean and timeless look, brightening the space and providing a sense of openness and serenity.

To enhance the bathroom, Emser Tile's Albero Foresta was used for the whole bathroom. This choice brought a natural and textured element to the space, creating a visually captivating and relaxing atmosphere within the bathroom. The combination of the Galaxy Indigo vanity, Choice white wall tiles, and Albero Foresta bathroom tile resulted in a cohesive and visually appealing design that exuded elegance and sophistication.

Completing the transformation, Tcquartz's Calcatta Grace was chosen for the vanity tops. This high-quality quartz material provided a beautiful and durable surface that added a touch of luxury and functionality to the master bathroom. The veining and color variations of the Calcatta Grace vanity tops added visual interest and created a stunning focal point in the room.

Overall, the major renovation of the bathroom in Boston, Virginia, resulted in a breathtaking and functional master bathroom. The removal of the two-tiered floor, the incorporation of a single-tiered layout with a shower, toilet, and freestanding tub, and the careful selection of materials such as Fabuwood Cabinetry's Galaxy Indigo vanity, Emser Tile's Choice white wall tiles, Emser Tile's Albero Foresta bathroom floor, and Tcquartz's Calcatta Grace vanity tops, all contributed to the creation of a truly remarkable space. This renovated master bathroom showcases the power of design and the ability to transform a space into a beautiful and functional sanctuary.

Project information 

4 - 8 weeks

Boston, VA, USA

Project Gallery

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