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  • Where are you located?
    Our showroom is located in culpeper on 29 less than a mile from the car dealerships
  • Do you install?
    Yes, we can provide labor to our customer but if you want just the material and have a contractor you are working with we can provide the materials for you.
  • What is your design fee?
    We provide 3D design and consultation without charge, in one of our showrooms or your home.
  • If I supply the plans, can you give me a quote?"
    Yes, we can but we strongly suggest to meet first in our showroom or at your house to discuss the details that you are looking for in your new design and then we can design it accordingly and give you a quote.
  • Do you deliver, and if so, is there a fee?"
    We have different delivery options. First you may pick-up from our showrooms which is without charge. Second one, curb side deliver; the last one is inside delivery with the charge. When your cabinets are ready our ordering department will contact you to arrange the delivery time.
  • Which countertop is more durable?
    We have Quartz, Granite, quartzite, marble and soapstone. Quartz- is going to be durable less maintanance and more solid colors. Granite,Quartzite and Saopstone - is going to durable but it is going to require a sealing every 6 month in order to keep the shine. Also, with lighter color you will have be careful of certain products on it since it is natural stone i could absorb certain products. Marble- is a more of a softer natural stone where it will absorb and change color when you leave water on it and will strach a whole lot eaiser.
  • What do provide?
    In our Culpeper Showroom, we have cabinetry, Granite, Quartz countertops, Cabient hardware and backsplash tile.
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