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Rixeyville Bathroom Remodeling

In Rixeyville, VA, two remarkable bathroom projects took place, with a semi-full remodel in the master bathroom and a full gut remodel in the hall bathroom. The master bathroom underwent a stunning transformation with the installation of Everlife Whitby White LVT flooring, which brought a fresh and clean look to the space. For the shower walls, Contessa Oro 12x24 tiles were chosen, exuding elegance and sophistication. The shower was further enhanced with Gibson Brushed Nickel hardware, adding a touch of refinement. The vanity, Vite Emrald White, provided a beautiful and functional centerpiece, completing the overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile, in the hall bathroom, a full gut remodel completely revitalized the space. Ombre White wall tiles created a visually striking backdrop, adding depth and interest to the room. The floor was adorned with Casserro II Gray Matte 12x24 tiles, offering a modern and sleek appearance. The shower floor featured Venetian Italia Blend flat tiles, bringing a unique and captivating element to the design. The vanity cabinet, Vita Emrald White, tied the room together with its stylish and functional features.

Both bathroom projects in Rixeyville, VA, showcase meticulous attention to detail and a careful selection of materials. The master bathroom exudes a sense of sophistication with Everlife Whitby White LVT flooring, Contessa Oro tiles, and the Vite Emrald White vanity. The hall bathroom, on the other hand, embraces a modern aesthetic with Ombre White wall tiles, Casserro II Gray Matte floor tiles, Venetian Italia Blend shower floor tiles, and the Vita Emrald White vanity cabinet. These renovations have undoubtedly transformed the bathrooms into beautiful and inviting spaces.

Project information 

3 - 4 Weeks

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