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Culpeper Kitchen Project

The kitchen remodeling project in Culpeper, VA showcases a stunning transformation that brings together contemporary style and functionality. The Faubwood Cabinetry in Galaxy Dove and Galaxy Indigo sets the stage for a modern and sophisticated kitchen design. The combination of these two finishes creates a striking contrast and adds visual interest to the space. The Montclair white quartz countertop from MSI Surfaces adds a touch of elegance and durability, providing a sleek and clean surface for meal preparation and entertaining. The Emser Tile Charisma Linear Spark backsplash tile adds a touch of glamour and sparkle, with its linear design and shimmering accents. This backsplash tile serves as a beautiful focal point, tying together the cabinetry and countertop seamlessly. The overall result is a kitchen that exudes style, functionality, and elegance. The Culpeper, VA kitchen remodel showcases the perfect harmony of Faubwood Cabinetry, MSI Surfaces Montclair white quartz countertop, and Emser Tile Charisma Linear Spark backsplash tile, creating a space that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

Project Information

2 - 3 Weeks

$35,000 - $50,000

Culpeper, VA, USA

Project Gallery

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