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Fairfax Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen remodeling project in Fairfax, VA showcases a beautiful and timeless transformation that combines style and functionality. The ForeverMark Cabinetry in Ice White Shaker sets the foundation for a bright and inviting space. The clean lines and elegant design of the cabinetry create a classic look that will never go out of style. The MSI Surfaces Sparkling White countertop adds a touch of sophistication and serves as a durable surface for meal preparation. Its sparkling finish adds a subtle shimmer, elevating the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. The Emser Tile Craft II 3x12 white subway tile used for the backsplash brings a touch of elegance and charm. The subway tile design adds a classic element while the white color brightens the space and creates a sense of openness. The combination of ForeverMark Cabinetry, MSI Surfaces Sparkling White countertop, and Emser Tile Craft II 3x12 white subway tile creates a beautiful and cohesive kitchen design that will stand the test of time. The Fairfax, VA kitchen remodel showcases a perfect blend of style, functionality, and lasting appeal.

Project Information

2 - 3 Weeks

$30,000 - $45,000

Fairfax, VA, USA

Project Gallery

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