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All European styles in a wood pattern or a flat matte or Gloss.

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The LUXE collection is the result of applying the latest generation of materials with the most advanced technology in lacquered surfaces.

The LUXE surface provides a High Gloss finish and the highest scratch resistance in the industry, paired with a clean and spotless mirror effect.

The LUXE collection incorporates an attractive range of solid colors, wood grains, textiles, metallics, and special designs. These designs can be applied in kitchen, bathroom, and home furniture, as well as in interior design and commercial projects, achieving a luxurious modern look.


The ZÉNIT collection is the result of our continuous improvement in lacquering technology and years of R&D+I.

The ZÉNIT surface offers a deep super matt surface with a silky feel together with extraordinary resistance to abrasion.

The ZÉNIT collection comes with a complete range of solid colors, with or without metallic particles, and elegant designs such as marble. These designs provide a contemporary look into kitchen, bathroom, and home furniture applications as well as in interior design and commercial projects.


The SYNCRON collection is the result of our vertical integration in manufacturing and control of every aspect of thermofused melamine board production.

The SYNCRON surface provides realistic texture designs with several options for registered finishes, meaning a complete match between texture and design.

The SYNCRON collection offers a deep and complete range of wood grains, stone, marble, textiles, leather, concrete, and oxide finishes that provide a natural and organic feel to any furniture element or commercial project.